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Got a Windows XP Laptop?

If you have a Windows XP laptop that’s heading for the dumpster, please let us know. We support homeless children and your old tech could earn you a nice tax credit and change a child’s whole future :)

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For anyone else who has found the entire dreary spectacle a prolonged and unwelcome yawn…

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Sound familiar?

Sound familiar?

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In the US alone, more than 7-million people suffer diabetes. This new drug - which has now gained approval - could change their whole lives…

This lady, her story and those of her children are the reason we developed our plan to rehouse the 1.46-million families who now find themselves in this unjust position.

The plan will revive foreclosed homes and give every homeless parent with young children a new roof and the chance to build a far better future.

There will be no cost to the families, the shelters or anyone else.

If you know a family in need, or a friend who works at a Shelter, please pass the word. If we can support from the shelters, we’re ready to start…


Interviewed: March, 2013, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

Name: Susan J.

Where are you originally from?
I was born and raised in East Boston, MA, and I have lived with my family in Cambridge for the last 20 years. My husband is from Cambridge so we decided to raise our three sons here. My family is myself, my husband, and our three sons (two of which are under 18 years old). The oldest is 26 years old and he has developmental issues.

How old are you? 46.

How long have you been homeless? 18 months.
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